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./the RG351MP
Anbernic... what the fuck is that name... sounds like a fucking disease... anyway.. moving on... Recently I've purchased a RG351MP and a 50W solar panel to play some old games from my childhood during WW3 when I'm bored in the bunker. I made the right choice, BUT THE D-PAD SUCKS!
./how vpn's are not helping you
I actually made this one myself w/ GIMP! DOWNLOAD NORDVPN TO STOP TRACKERS AND HACKERS FROM SEEING WHAT YOU DO! Shut the fuck up, that aint gonna help.
./which browser for privacy
I actually made this one myself w/ GIMP! Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Dissenter, Tor Browser, Chromium,... which browser(s) will keep you from being tracked across the internet? Neither.
./imposter-syndrome as competitive edge
what if I told you that imposter-syndrome actually gives you a competitive edge in the first couple of years?
./simplifying our image hosting service
C# is great and all, but not required if you learn how to use the tools linux comes with. Let's remove all of that shit.
./ssh is power
image from @ ssh can do far more than just connect you to a remote shell. far. more.
./unlimited free proxies
this isn't sketchy... we're just organizing unorganized public lists into a database... pastebins + proxy tester = unlimited free proxies. Let's write everything we need and build a database of working proxies. Starting with a simple C# console app that checks if a proxy is working.
./creating an image hosting web service
this blog needs images. let's build an image hosting service and an app to upload them.
./the birth of a programmer
Awake For Ever in a Sweet Unrest - Ian Bliss How did I become a programmer? Well, it all started about 12 years ago, when a series of coincidences would change my life forever. Let me tell you a story...